Personal Invitation from Mark Donnan
CEO; Executive Boardroom

So What Exactly Is Executive Boardroom?

It’s a very simple idea with a very infectious ideal, and if you choose to buy into the vision, get involved, support the mission, and be a part of bringing about global change for millions of people, then you will be part of an historic legacy.

What’s more important is that it is very deliverable, and I’m inviting you to become a core part of it, because you have everything to gain and nothing to lose.

This community is a flagship for the future of measuring, improving, and maintaining the single point of weakness in any economy or company – the competency of it’s people. It represents a global shift in personal empowerment and entrepreneurial success – while raising the value and delivery of you, your people, and your organization.

It’s about business education, training, and trading within a global community of people using AI, and blockchain technology to solve the biggest risks to personal prosperity and business growth, in any market.

It will eventually extend its ideals into traditional education. The natural expansion of the underlying vision will eventually bring about, and stimulate disruptive change, in the way we educate our children.

The prize for the global economy is trillions of dollars in savings and profits, while changing the lives of millions of people – who are otherwise being left behind by a broken system. The prize for you is a sustainable competitive advantage in your market.

While we build our tomorrow, I need to borrow your imagination today,

Building will take time, money, and collaboration, some of which has not started yet – hence our fundraising in late 2018/early 2019 to make EXB Coin an Etherium based crypto currency.

But buying in to the membership now, will give you 2 years membership. The clock on which only starts when the Credibility Wallets get released after the fundraising is completed, PLUS free tokens to use on the site while we’re building.


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