What’s a Mastermind?

Discover the truth behind your truth

why groups will beat you every time, and why you should join one.


It's better

than networking because you share connections and relationships

It's cheaper

than consultants because you mentor each other

It's a proven

way to deliver bigger, better, stronger busines results – and will for you too

Our Masterminds: What’s In It For You?

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Joining The Green Mastermind Is Free

The Green Mastermind is Perfect if you don’t have any customers yet, but want to get it right for when you do, OR want to build on what you don’t yet know, and want to get better at in your business.

You will be a student, company manager, start up or aspiring entrepreneur that wants to strike out on their on one day – and your primary objective is to learn, and meet the people who can get you faster results


Live Online Mastermind every 14 Days

  • Guest Speaker Topic Teaching
  • Open Mic For Members
  • Hot Seat Mentoring
  • Questions & Answers
  • No Pitching

Daily Topic Discussions

  • 20 Critical Days Of Focus
  • Member Led Discussions
  • Tools, Tips, and Recommendations

Show Off Your Super Power Monthly

  • Open Mic to Members
  • Elevator Pitch Session
  • “What I Bring To The Party” Sessions


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