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One To One Mentoring Session

When you’re ready for it, you’ll have completed some or all of the material in the Membership Level because this session will be packed with expert guidance. The mentor will have done a LOT of preparation prior to the appointment time, so you won’t be wasting time explaining your situation and why it is so reasonably priced - you get the conclusions drawn from your own work without paying for hours of your time just to explain the problem!

Why Should You Consider Completing This Session

  • You’ll get one on one guidance from someone who has done it before you

  • You’ll discuss in real time, your views and thoughts on your business position

  • You get your most difficult questions and problems answered.

  • You will exponentially inflate your decision making confidence

  • You’ll be able to trust yourself - and your plan


It’s ALWAYS better to talk it over with someone you can trust - especially if you want to be open, and not in front of a group of peers - or possible competitors.

Chairs as Mentors prevent the worst mistakes and facilitate the best achievements - tailored to your own business - and without wasting hours of your time on the clock, just to explain the problem.

This Mentoring Session will stick to the structures as defined by the Green Courses and Workshops, most especially their outputs and completed templates - which your Mentor will review.
In addition, they will also pay specific attention to your completed Templates in the Purple Academy Courses, the Workshops, and the Strategy documentation you have created for yourself. With ALL these resources, your Mentor will discuss best next steps - plans, ideas, and act as a sounding board for your best next direction.

How It Works

You and your Mentor show up having done the pre-work reading and preparation so you get the maximum amount of time solidifying what your next steps and plans will be. Ask anything you need to ask, and get the privacy for the advice you want. This is where you get to talk about the things you DON’T want to say in public.

About Your Instructor

MarkDonnanIf you’re going to take any Course about Digital Marketing, you’ll want to trust that the Instructor actually walks his talk, is teaching real knowledge - and that what you learn can deliver the results you need. You want to know what to DO not what to dream. You want to know what to IMPLEMENT, step by step, to make your business strong. You’d want this Instructor to prove to you that YOU can do it - and show you a system that cannot fail you.

Long before he founded Executive Boardroom, Mark Donnan has personally sold over $750m of products and services in his career. He has created or launched more than 40 brands, 295 digital campaigns and owns 3 international businesses who do this every day for clients in 15 Countries. Mark not only walks the talk, he backs up everything he teaches - for example, he’s not just been photographed with Sir Richard Branson, he has WORKED with Sir Richard Branson, on digital campaigns and on stage. That’s being authentic.

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Mark’s First career specialised in Brand and Brand Strategic Marketing mixed with Sales, in both Private and multinational Public companies, including Mars Inc. and Pfizer Inc. rising through the corporate ranks to Board Level and CEO roles, He launched Haagen Dazs, then Tropicana in the UK, and then worked in global brand marketing on, Mars, Milky Way, Snickers, Cadbury, Viagra, Lipitor.

Mark is also an academically trained Marketing expert, with the the highest academic and professional qualifications in Marketing with a Masters Degree, a Bachelors Degree and Post Graduate Diplomas, from the Chartered Institute of Marketing and Ulster University. Mark was one of the first ever Chartered Marketers in the United Kingdom given a quality marque endorsed by the Queen of England - around 20 years ago.

His Second career was as an Entrepreneur building his own group of 5 companies in the Financial Services sector from concept to selling them with Private Equity backing just 2 years later when considered to be a significant contribution to a $15M deal. His Company “MoneyVillage” became a founding member of the Debt Managers Standards Association, a UK Government approved standards watchdog.

His Third career began 7 years ago, building a European wide Brand and Digital Marketing consultancy with clients in over 15 countries, including offices in Texas and California in the USA - by using his unique Model of Creative Incubation. In this time, he has trained over 1,200 people, more than 170 separate companies, and created over 42 Brands in this time - several of which are now million dollar businesses. His larger clients include Mars, Swarovski, Richard Branson, French’s Mustard, Philips Electronics, and Avis

Mark is the Charity Commercial Director of a local League Football Club, and supports working in the Community, sponsoring and financing 2 Children's Football Teams in Hampton and Farnborough, and Sponsors a Meals on Wheels and Fundraising programmes for The Order of Malta in Lithuania.

Mark is the published author of 2 books, His first “How To” book in the Finance niche topped 13,000 copies in circulation, and helped change the regulation of an entire industry. His second, in Internet Marketing remains available today.

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