Getting Unlimited Leads On Tap

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What You Will Discover

  • This is an opportunity for you to present your Company, Product, Service to the Green membership in a Showcase event.
  • You’ll probably make sales, but you’ll definitely build credibility, power, and positioning among the membership.
  • If you need a safe place to practice your presentation, then this Workshop group is the place to be.
  • If you want feedback tor fine your message, then that’s available too. You’ll plug the communication confusion - that’s where you THINK you are being clear, but are not - and we’ve all been there when refining our messages.


This Group Workshop, harnesses the collective power of the Purple Membership, and the Instructor to position your company, product and brand to the other members, getting support from every participating member.

It gets you ready. Not only for the presentation, but for positioning yourself in any networking event or for any time you have to project your message corporate.

How It Works

It’s simple yet powerful. You’ll bring your completed works in Green and Purple to  the meeting for the instructors assisted guidance in constructing your presentation.

In the first workshop your answers get refined with the assistance of the instructor, and you’ll probably go away to refine them further. Then, in the second workshop, you’ll present to the Green Membership in a showcase.

About Your Instructor


Mark Donnan

Long before he founded Executive Boardroom, Mark Donnan has personally sold over $750m of products and services in his career. He has created or launched more than 40 brands, 295 digital campaigns and owns 3 international businesses who do this every day for clients in 15 Countries. Mark not only walks the talk, he backs up everything he teaches - for example, he’s not just been photographed with Sir Richard Branson, he has WORKED with Sir Richard Branson, on digital campaigns and on stage. That’s being authentic.

Mark’s First career specialised in Brand and Brand Strategic Marketing mixed with Sales, in both Private and multinational Public companies, including Mars Inc. and Pfizer Inc. rising through the corporate ranks to Board Level and CEO roles, He launched Haagen Dazs, then Tropicana in the UK, and then worked in global brand marketing on, Mars, Milky Way, Snickers, Cadbury, Viagra, Lipitor.

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Mark is also an academically trained Marketing expert, with the the highest academic and professional qualifications in Marketing with a Masters Degree, a Bachelors Degree and Post Graduate Diplomas, from the Chartered Institute of Marketing and Ulster University. Mark was one of the first ever Chartered Marketers in the United Kingdom given a quality marque endorsed by the Queen of England - around 20 years ago.

His Second career was as an Entrepreneur building his own group of 5 companies in the Financial Services sector from concept to selling them with Private Equity backing just 2 years later when considered to be a significant contribution to a $15M deal. His Company “MoneyVillage” became a founding member of the Debt Managers Standards Association, a UK Government approved standards watchdog.

His Third career began 7 years ago, building a European wide Brand and Digital Marketing consultancy with clients in over 15 countries, including offices in Texas and California in the USA - by using his unique Model of Creative Incubation. In this time, he has trained over 1,200 people, more than 170 separate companies, and created over 42 Brands in this time - several of which are now million dollar businesses. His larger clients include Mars, Swarovski, Richard Branson, French’s Mustard, Philips Electronics, and Avis

Mark is the Charity Commercial Director of a local League Football Club, and supports working in the Community, sponsoring and financing 2 Children's Football Teams in Hampton and Farnborough, and Sponsors a Meals on Wheels and Fundraising programmes for The Order of Malta in Lithuania.

Mark is the published author of 2 books, His first “How To” book in the Finance niche topped 13,000 copies in circulation, and helped change the regulation of an entire industry. His second, in Internet Marketing remains available today.

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