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So imagine you’re in a mastermind, meeting, or completing a course, and a light bulb goes off in your mind – you know what you want to do, but not how.

We Develop Your WHAT And Deliver It Online And If You Don’t Know Your WHAT – We Can Get You There too.

  • Brand Design
  • Strategy Consulting
  • Conversion Funnels
  • Sales Funnels
  • Quiz Funnels
  • Keyword Research
  • Website Design
  • Digital Asset Creation
  • Social Media Lead Generation
  • Marketing Systems

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Froggo Copywriting

Copy in an essential part of telling the story and we believe you should tell your own brand messages. So we teach it, and correct it where needed.

  • Training on how to adapt your tools to write your own copy to high effect
  • Supervision of your content creation
  • Proof reading the results

Froggo Video Storyboards

Having confidence in creating video is a major barrier to doing it. Having a storyboard, and scripted structure allows freedom to shoot, edit, render and host the best results.

  • Script writing for your main sales story video
  • Storyboard of visual cues and scenes for you to source
  • Structured conversion

Froggo Sales Scripts & Strategies

Each asset, page, and video need to be written and created within a content strategy that is focused on the result. This component creates this framework.

  • Training on multipurposing content for traffic
  • Sales page structure for high conversion
  • Core psychology for relevant campaigns

Froggo Sales Funnels

Putting together highly converting sales funnels is complex but highly lucrative. High segmentation and relevant actions equate to above average returns.

  • Consultancy on your specific combinations
  • Service with funnels built for you until ROI
  • Conversions tested and measured

Froggo Google Analytics Insights

Google analytics tracks the visitors to your digital website and maps their behaviour on your site. Aggregated data is very helpful to reinforce strengths and repair unseen flaws.

  • analysis of your existing visitors
  • insights on behaviour
  • major metrics reviewed
  • blueprint for message and page priorities

Froggo User Psychology Mapping

Conversion is all about tangible buyers and decision makers and this service delivers profit. When you know in advance how targets will act, selling becomes simple.

  • buying triggers and user logic framework
  • identifies resistance gaps
  • exposes the objections to your brand
  • blueprint of content

Froggo Video SEO

Video is easier to rank than written content and Youtube is the number 2 search engine. Younger people almost exclusively use youtube, so you need to get your videos rank- ing high.

  • strategic content distribution
  • google compliant linking structure
  • using video platforms to widen the message

Froggo Organic SEO

Organic traffic is free traffic and hard to shift when dominance is established. There are specific ways to get it wrong and get it right, and it should always be a part of the strategy.

  • on-page keywords structured for search engines
  • natural distribution of all content, images, audio, articles and slides
  • monthly packages service

Froggo Facebook ADs

Facebook is an essential ingredient in all activity plans. It drives traffic for retail and brand exposure to business buyers (for Ads)

  • SERVICE where we manage campaigns
  • Create Facebook Ads
  • CustomAudiences
  • LookalikeAudiences
  • Managing Power Editor



Froggo Mobile Responsive HTML

All websites and assets are now penalised by Google for being non responsive. Rankings, searchability and authority now depend in significant part to mobile responsiveness.

  • SERVICE cutting images to code
  • All pages cut and coded for fully mobile responsiveness
  • All browsers

Froggo Webinar Hosting

One to Many presentations on GTW are very powerful ways to disseminate educational content that draws prospects into the brand experience. very powerful lead generator.

  • broadcasting invitations
  • hosting content on GoToWebinar
  • managing the event
  • co-ordinating the follow up sequence

Froggo Paid Traffic

Buying traffic delivers instant results. The challenge is in buying traffic and converting it at a profit. Especially important while building organic reach, paid traffic is on-demand.

  • Facebook campaigns and boosted posts
  • Google Adwords and traffic strategies

Froggo Pixel Retargeting

Retargeting is a very low oncost for exposing users to multiple touch points over a 30 or 90 day period, the life of the cookie. It can add significantly better results to campaigns.

  • Tracking pixels from Google and Facebook inserted
  • Campaign management for remarketing
  • Lookalike Audiences built up and conversions measured

Froggo Heat Mapping

Heat Maps allow measurement of design and copy. How efficient is your campaign, and tracking where the page visitors click. It is very powerful in tandem with other measures.

  • behavioural measurement of activity on page
  • scroll maps
  • referral maps
  • confetti maps
  • mobile v desktop

Froggo Marketing Banners

Banners break up the monotony of long text while retaining users on your own site. Advertise your own products and services all over your pages and your site and keep internal clicking high.

  • Facebook banners
  • Adwords Banners
  • Sales Page Banners
  • Calls to Action DisplayAds

Froggo GA Conversion Analysis

You can’t fix what you don’t measure. Analytics show you over time what is and what is not working and engaging. Swap, test, change and revisit from your insights here.

  • Report based on Analytics insights
  • Measuring Behaviour
  • Setting up conversion goals and tracking them over time
  • Reporting on improvements



Froggo Competitors Goal Conversion Analysis

You need to understand the battlefield before you even start. Where to attack, what to avoid and specifically ensuring a wise direction for your budget and campaign activity.

  • their linking strategy
  • their keyword strategy
  • any available ppc insights
  • their design logic
  • their strengths and weaknesses

Froggo Keyword Research Report

This determines your traffic volume, directly influences your conversion and cash flow which means it delivers a competitive advantage. Get- ting wrong is index fatal.

  • examination of seed keywords
  • search relevancy of keywords
  • recommendations for broad match selection your top 10
  • keyword targets blueprint for on-page structure

Froggo Brand Planning

The positioning of your brand controls buyers perceptions of it. This discovers the high value opportunities for cash conversion, and determines critical segmentation strategy.

  • online training resources
  • brand insights templates
  • mitigation of threats creative solutions
  • strategies for strengths
  • prioritisation of opportunities

Froggo Website Review

If you have an existing web presence and site, it could well be that a few tweaks could dramatically improve your page rank and site performance. This report allows you to be certain about what to do next with your investment.

  • 67 point analysis of existing website asset
  • determines current performance
  • highlights ineffective elements for repair

Froggo Brand Design

Brands earn more. They extend reach and penetration and attract higher prices. Brands are not commodities and have superior positioning because they mean something.

  • brand naming convention
  • relative positioning
  • 3 step concept evolution
  • brand logo brand reverse outs
  • child hierarchy

Froggo Website Design PSD’s

Each page and part of your system has a different focus and task to fulfil. Design of the website and system is all uniquely tailored around its purpose – generating revenue.

  • design website purpose
  • segmentation gateway
  • credibility pages
  • topic pages
  • sales pages
  • action strategies

Froggo Presentation Design

All the content strategy assets need to be consistent to brand identity and positioning so your templates, layouts and social media presence all need to have clear designs.

  • design banners for social media consistency
  • branded content design bible
  • powerpoint and pdf design frameworks

Froggo Startegy Builder

This report examines your cur- rent knowledge of and performance in the Nine foundations. It pin points exactly what to do next in your business.

  • 45 point measurement tool
  • personalised results
  • dynamic pdf report
  • precise feedback
  • action points to follow
  • reference blueprint
ims marketing

Froggo IMS Marketing Training

Social media can be a severe time wasting activity unless harnessed and thought through. Understanding what works and why, when to post and what will save money, deliver a high ROI, and avoid inefficiency.

  • Training on what works well across the big platforms
  • Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, Youtube and others Tests,
  • Contests and Paid campaign management

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