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It’s All About Delivering You Verifiable Results

This level is all about Mastery of your online activity, while developing your offline relationships and connections. Most people want to go beyond connecting – they want to, to belong, to be heard, valued, trusted, and understood. Which is why we added Groups, Workshops, and 225,000 EXB for free to boost results even further. Working with others is not working – when collaborating with peers worthy of your time.

What Does $8,976 Worth of Gold Membership Include?

Exclusive Meetings

because not every one is worth it. 

business mastermind group
  • Unqualified members locked out 

  • Project Director for your activities

Advanced Workshops

Done-With-You Service

workplace network
  • Consultancy assisted activities

  • Your plans and strategies triple checked

  • 30,000 EXB Bonus rewards on completion

Massive EXB Allocation

175,000 EXB worth $3,500

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As you go through the courses, events, activities and meetings, you can also earn while you learn

Earn up to 45,000 EXB by collecting Gold Badges

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Limited Time Founder Member Incentive

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What’s Involved In Gold Membership?

In the Ultimate Marketing Mastermind, our first Gold Level membership you get everything you could possibly need, to have the single biggest competitive advantage in your market – AND the ability to solve any business problem for any product in any market for the rest of time.

You get to work on your own, in the courses, to advance your own skills and judgement. 

  • You get to work with others, in the groups, to reinforce your decision making and insights, and, 

  • You get to work with me personally, one on one, in the assisted consulting Workshops, Me – as dedicated to your business, and your outcomes, as if I worked for you directly. Your own private Consultant.


Membership Level

Test The Water

All In

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Resource Value Included Included Included
Meeting – Quarterly Strategy Group





Meeting – Monthly Mastermind


Meeting – Annual Conference


Workshop (assisted consulting) – Reaching the Unreachable


Workshop (assisted consulting) – Quarterly Mastermind Hotseats


Workshop (assisted consulting) – Networking & Influencing


Workshop (assisted consulting) – Powerful Marketing Startegy


Workshop (assisted consulting) – Influencing With Integrity


Workshop (assisted consulting) – Reading Their Mind


Course – Gold Bundle


Course – Reaching the Unreachable


Course – Getting Unlimited Leads On Tap


Resources – All Purple Benefits
Resources – Company Directory


Resources – Priority Status & Entry


Resources – $2,000 more EXB Crypto


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