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  • 75,000 EXB for Free*
  • Earn Up To 15,000 EXB*

At this level, everyone else can see and know that you are committed to the self investment cause – you really do want a significant and sustainable competitive advantage in your business, just like them. It’s why we have created every way to facilitate your progression. The Members Directory shows you belong, the advanced Courses and Workshops progress your planning and knowledge, and the Mastermind will support you to get it all done.

What Does $4,031 Worth of Purple Membership Include?

Private Meetings & Directory

Worth $1,542

  • Showcase your true value
  • Build strong connections
  • Get the support you deserve

Facilitated Workshops

Worth $2,291

  • Avoid making bad decisions
  • Advice from proven experts
  • Gain competitive advantage

Advanced Courses

Worth $1,497

  • Proven Knowledge
  • Completion Bonuses
  • Credibility Certification

As you go through the courses, events, activities and meetings, you can also earn while you learn

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2 Years Membership For $999

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Plus 75,000 EXB

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What’s Involved In Purple Membership?


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Resource Value Included Included Included
Meeting – Quarterly Strategy Group




Meeting – Monthly Mastermind


Workshop – One to One Consult


Workshop – Sharing Your Superpower


Workshop – Mastermind Group Coaching


Course – Powerful Marketing Strategy


Course – Influencing With Integrity


Course – Reading Their Mind


Resource – All Green Benefits


Resource – Private Members Directory


Resource – Your Potential Software Report


Resource – $1,500 worth of EXB Crypto


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