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Curious about Platinum?
Then lend me your imagination…

At Annual Conference, you’re the VIP Royalty and probably delivered a keynote, and major promotion to the members. You’re at the elite end of the Mastermind, with exclusive and advanced workshops to go with full access to the online catalogue. Membership for you is about shammer, better, intimate gatherings, and a back office Project Director to galvanise your planning and asset development. You have a sales funnel built for you, and heavily discounted done-for-you services for anything else you need. Until then, the 150% equivalent of your membership in EXB will make the waiting worthwhile, $14,000 worth of EXB, and unlimited time in membership until after the first Conference. (2020)

What Does $31,851 Worth of Platinum Membership Include?

Annual Conference

because not everyone is worth it.

mastermind coaching
  • City based events and exclusive retreat 

  • Sales promotion to the full global membership 

  • Speaker, stage time

Advanced Workshops

Done-With-You Service

networking business opportunities
  • Consultancy assisted activities

  • Your plans and strategies triple checked
60,000 EXB Bonus rewards on completion

Massive EXB Allocation

675,000 EXB worth $13.5k

  • Hold for the future, or
Spend now for even deeper benefits and resources
Spend later, when even more value has increased benefits

As you go through the courses, events, activities, and meetings, you will earn while you learn

Earn up to 100,000 EXB by collecting Platinum Badges

mastermind coaching

Limited Time Founder
Member Incentive

2 Years Membership For $9,999

Saving $20,999

Plus 675,000 EXB

Worth another $13,500

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What’s Involved In Platinum Membership?

It’s probably worth a person to person conversation about Platinum. Until now, it isn’t really ready – so it’s been the preserve of only the Founder Investors in the fundraising for the Token Economy, in EXB.  We’re opening it to a few others, just so they can get in ahead of the official opening date.


Membership Level

Members Offer

Discounted Rate

Launch Offer Only

Resource Value Included Included Included
Meeting – Quarterly Strategy Group





Meeting – VIP Seating Annual Conference


Meeting – Platinum Retreat Vegas (2019)


Meeting – Networking City Meeting (2019)


Workshop (assisted consulting) – Advanced Negotiation Training


Workshop (assisted consulting) – Business Buying and Flipping


Workshop (assisted consulting) – Exclusive Mastermind Hotseats


Course – Unlimited Full Online Access


Resource – All Gold Benefits
Resource – Personal Project Director


Resource – VIP Status & Entry
Resource – Membership Promoton Slot


Resource – 10% Discounted Stage Time


Resource – $12,000 more EXB Crypto


Resource – 33% off Done For You Service
Total Price Value


Membership Price


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Founder Offer 2 Years


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