Boardroom Rules

The Executive Boardroom

Your Seat around the Boardroom Table is secured on the basis that you have identified yourself as a Business Owner or Executive of integrity and principles. All Strong Cultures thrive when the members agree to support a set of common behaviours, yet still retain freedom of expression.

Retaining your seat is predicated on the following Agreements:

1. You Agree to Join In, Speak Up and Speak Out – because you have wisdom, experience and opinion to offer, no matter how insignificant or irrelevant you think your opinion on a Post is – it could just be Gold to someone else. If you have nothing to say, then you have no business being here, and we’ll vacate your seat. We’re not after Numbers, we’re after Wisdom.

2. You Agree to Disagree – Debate and disagreement is essential to refine the Plans of another member – prevent them from making expensive mistakes. It is your responsibility to tell it how you see it – no matter how uncomfortable that feedback might be – but tread gently on the dreams and aspirations of others when you do so. Explanations of WHY you disagree are essential, and abuse is not tolerated

3. You Agree to leave your Ego at the door. At some point you will understand your Team Dynamics profile, upon which this Mastermind is built, which means you understand you are one of many different personality styles – so it is reasonable to expect clashes, misunderstandings, or heat in an exchange. We’re ALL Equally Big Dogs in here, because we’re the Boardroom. Posts made for self interest, or self promotion with no group value will be deleted, and Trolls will be ejected.

Here are the Posting Guidelines:

1. Every Business Model is welcome (including MLM) but you may not recruit from within the Boardroom – you may discuss your Model, Your Plans, Your Strategies – but no recruiting, no click bait, no getting around the Agreements.

2. Self Promotion of your business is essential – what works, what you’re doing, who you are, what failed, your insights, etc – but you may not post Offers, Discounts, or Sales on the Wall.

3. Webinar Invites, FB Live Broadcasts, JV Opportunities, and Promotional Offers to the Boardroom Group may only be done from within the Boardroom, – after being approved by the Offers Committee who will vet all products/deals in advance and use Boardroom structures to do so. This means you MAY place Free versions of Courses, Books, Product of Interest in the Boardroom Academy, if it is good enough, and it will included it in the Boardroom broadcast schedule. See Ebor for details.

4. The Group Admins are UNPAID volunteers and don’t live on Facebook – that’s why we have Ebor. If you want to flag a Post for review or complaint, tell Ebor in Messenger or add #TellEbor in the comments.

5. No Member Spamming. Ever. Spam is defined as anything which expects a sale or opt in outside the Mastermind. Ebor’s decision on this is final.

We may add more as the Mastermind grows.