How It Works

Collect Points, Badges, and Earn Tokens As You Go


For Members

The entire membership experience is a blend of Online and Ofline component platforms which makes it really easy to join, join in, stay involved, and stay connected at a level of commitment and involvement that suits your business perfectly.

We use meeting platforms, for the Subject Matter Experts, qualified Peers, Coaches, to meet, teach, coach and consult personally, and in special interest groups

The Online Academy

The Academy is a unique Learning Management System, and it is the core part of the self-learning done by Members, away from the group discussions.

It has a variety of Courses available for sale which will build on and address a range of challenges and issues, and this will build up over time as new Subject Matter Experts are appointed and provide Courses and training that meets the required Standard. Each Course is specifically designed to transfer measurable and tangible skill, and all progress is Gamified with Members achieving Badges of Attainment for their participation and progress – rewarded with EXB Tokens as they progress through the course content.

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Events & Retreats

These are facilitated Subject- Specific discussions, debates, mini workshops and meetings, all of different sizes and at different times will be held in a 1,000 seater capacity Online Meeting Room with open mic and peer interaction for the smaller meetings.

Members are able to apply for critique of business plans, through moderated Hot Seat sessions where a carefully chosen Panel of Peers act as a collective resource while the main Member body gets to listen in, and add their own comments and thoughts to proceedings.

They happen weekly, monthly, and on a variety.

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Meetings & Workshops

Location Based Events & Training Days

  1. Single Day Discovery Days
  2. Two and Three Day Content Specific Training

As a component to a Blended learning approach, mixed with Online content Exclusive Retreats shall be Resort based or in desirable locations – also run and facilitated by the Advisory Panel. Retreats shall be intensive training sessions, collaborations, and may have Guest Directors in attendance as Speakers or Trainers as appropriate.

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Performance Leaderboard

We’ll run promotions, competitions, and events for participation, earning bonuses, cash back, and free EXB tokens. You’ll gain status, significance, and credibility by beating your peers.

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Seven Levels Of Gamified Membership Experience

Executive Boardroom needs the participation of Members as its very lifeblood, because it is all about our shared experience and shared insights, raising the business performances of all of us. So we have Seven levels of Membership and many different types of badge within them.


Green Level BadgeGreen is the colour of “Go” and the entry level to the organisation, and it means you are new and working your way through the resources. Welcome!


Purple Level BadgePurple is the first Self Investment level in the organisation. You now have access to higher member content, profile, and events.


Gold Level BadgeGold is the main level in the organisation, with the main body of the Mastermind with deeper rewards and involvement.


Platinum Level BadgePlatinum brings exclusive VIP resources material, the higher body of the Mastermind with connection, coaching, and mentoring level involvement. 


Diamond Level BadgeDiamond brings everything before plus discounted Done-for-you Execution support services to action strategies and plans which can get formed in the Mastermind and for which you have no team members to execute. 


Ruby Level BadgeRuby is highest Investment level in the Mastermind. Ruby Members are part of the Offline Groups and meet regularly for exclusive meet ups and with exclusive subject matter experts and strategic topics. Ruby members get everything; events, retreats, seminars, courses, meetings as well as their own exclusive events. and their own done-for-you execution team services. 


Black Level BadgeBlack is an invitation-only level accessible only by Platinum and Ruby Members for an experience of only the most exclusive access that Executive Boardroom can bring. It cannot be bought.